AO Diamond Mini HIC Fork Chrome

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This fork is brand spanking new from AO scooters. The black colorway has rawed edges to give an awesome unique look. Composed of high quaility aluminum that has been both CNC'd and forged. The fork tube uses butted technology to allow for thicker tubing where needed and saving weight where not. Using this technique the fork comes in at a mere 9.3 oz and maintains beefy fork tubes.

Compatible with 24mm width wheels up to 125mm in diameter.

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CNC"™d of 7075 aluminum the Diamond fork is about 30-40% stronger than traditional 6061 forks. 
It fits up to 125 mm wheels and comes with an extra-large top screw.

Forged & CNC
Compression Compatibility: HIC

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חומר המזלגAluminium
מערכת דחיסה נתמכת במזלגHIC
Fork Crown Race Integratedכן
Front Wheel Max Sizeup to 125mm
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