Apex SCS V3 Clamp SILVER

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The Apex SCS V3 is by far the lightest SCS compression clamp on the market with its feathery 8.6 ounces! The clamp runs SCS compression and is for standard and oversized bars if the shim is removed. Raises the bars 1.5".  This clamp includes 4x 5mm bolts, alloy shim for running standard bars, volcano shaped compression cap, and 1x 5mm compression bolt. 

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Compatability: Standard (with a shim) and Oversized
Height: 3"
Height Addition: 1.5"
Material: Aluminum
Bolts: 5mm bolts

מידע נוסף
מותג APEX
מידת הכידון הנתמך בחבק 34.9mm (Oversized) / Downsizing available
חומר החבק Aluminium
מערכות דחיסה נתמכות בחבק SCS
מידת המפתח לחבק 5mm
ברגים בחבק 4
משקל החבק 255g
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