Bones Wheels Bushing Hard Black Pack

סקירה כללית

With BONES Bushings, you will notice a number of positive improvements in the performance of your trucks.

There is no break-in period. Just put them in, adjust and skate.
Your trucks will be more responsive.
Increased truck performance.
Improves your skating experience.
Your turns will be smooth and positive, not floppy or rigid.

  •  קניה מאובטחת
  •  מחיר משתלם
  •  משלוח מהיר


  • Patented Double Action bushing
  • Chemically bonded core insert
  • High rebound urethane


  • No break in period
  • Highly responsive turns
  • Increased truck performance
  • Improved skating experience

Hardness: 96A

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קשיחות הבושינג 96A
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