FLOW Surf Simulator Truck

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    Flow Surf Skate front truck is designed to emulate the feeling of riding a surfboard

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    The Flow Surf Skate front truck is designed to emulate the feeling of riding a surfboard. Like the Carver C7, YOW, and Swelltech, it uses an internal spring mechanism to pull the truck back into place when turning. The spring results in snappy maneuvers, flowy carves, and efficient pumping.

    Spring-loaded surf truck systems, as opposed to bushing-based ones, are the surfiest and most flowing. Not all spring-based trucks are created equal though. The various surf trucks on the market differ significantly in terms of looseness, turn, snappiness, pumping, smoothness, and lean/stability. See “riding experience” further down.

    A common complaint with regards to spring surf trucks is the tendency of springs to snap over time. This affects most spring-loaded trucks (again, Carver C7, Swelltech, YOW etc).

    One of the Flow truck’s strong points is its adjustability – something not all surf trucks have. The Flow truck has 2 settings for tuning the spring tension and turning axle tightness. The ability to adjust the front truck makes the Flow more suitable for all kinds of rider builds and levels, and riding preferences.

    Like most surf skate systems, the rear truck on Flow boards is a stable, regular TKP truck that acts like a fin on a surfboard in the water.

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