CLOUD RIDE Ozone 70MMX37mm 83A WHEELS set of 4

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    Cloud Ride Ozone wheels were created to be the ultimate centerset freeride wheel.

    These babies were born to slide.

    The 37mm contact patch & 6mm rounded lip translates to tons of slip,

    making them the ideal wheel for freeriding fun.

    The pre-ground finish lets you get straight to riding these as they were meant to be ridden, and the centerset hub means you can flip your wheels and lengthen their lifespan.

    Last but not least, as always, the Cloud-Thane leaves behind solid lines as evidence that you came, saw, and conquered whatever spot you choose to shred.



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    Wheel Size: 70mm
    Durometer: 83a
    Contact Patch: 37mm
    Bearing Mount: Centerset
    Finish: Pre-Ground
    6mm Radius Lip

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    מותגCLOUD RIDE
    קוטר הגלגל (מ''מ)70
    נקודת מגע (מ''מ)37
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