HYDROPONIC ABEC9 Bearings With Build-in spacer 8 pack

סקירה כללית

Very High quality bearings designed for skateboarding, with a Low Coefficient of Friction, good durability and high speed. Wider Built-In spacers at the edges allow for improved proper alignment and spacing of your bearings while eliminating inner vibrations completely. They are especially necessary when subjected to hard carving and sliding, as longboarders do.

Box includes: 

8 bearings ABEC 9 with MUSHROOM Built-In Spacers

Easily Removable Steel Cover for Easy Cleaning.

Speed Rings

  •  קניה מאובטחת
  •  מחיר משתלם
  •  משלוח מהיר
מידע נוסף
גודל 608 (standard)
כמות 8
דירוג המסב ABEC 9
חומר הכדוריות Steel
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