Seba CJ Aggressive Skates Black

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סקירה כללית

This skate is made with carbon fiber, and will be one of the lightest of the market. Very comfortable and very stiff, it gives a good ankle support and a good flexion at the same time. Thanks to the rockering system, the SEBA street frame can be mounted with up to 4X64mm wheels.

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Inline Specs:

Boots: Carbon Fiber+ Fiber glass with Plastic Cuff and integrated Liner, Size 36 - 45
Closing: Top Power Strap + Safety Buckle + Laces
Frames: SEBA Streets frame (supporting up to 64mm wheels) - compatible with UFS (Universal Frame System) only
Wheels: CJ.Wellsmore 60mm + antirockers
Bearings: Twincam Titalium

Heel Shock Absorber and Removable Abrasive Pad Slider

מידע נוסף
מותג SEBA
Frame Mounting Space (mm) 165 UFS
נקודות חיבור 165 UFS
מספר גלגלים 2, 4
מידת הציר (מ''מ) 8
חומר הציר Steel
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