Apex Infinity Fork Green

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The zero degree fork is more responsive than your standard 10mm offset fork. The bonus of 0 offset is a more controlable balence point for nose manuals but without sacraficing control in fakie.
Fits up to 110mm wheels.

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CNC Machined from 2000 Series Aluminium
No Welds
Solid, 1 Piece Design
Light & Strong
Built in Starnut
Removable Starnut for other Apps.
Suits SCS, ICS & HIC
Fits 100mm & 110mm Wheels
Comes with front axle
Fits all scooter deck Head tubes
Zero offset forks (wheel is in line with the fork tube/bars)
Works with Nitro,Ninja/all New MGP Decks Running HIC only (SCS Running 20mm Spacers)
Designed Pro Scooter Forks

Made in Australia

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צבע ירוק
מותג APEX
חומר המזלג Aluminium
מערכת דחיסה נתמכת במזלג HIC, SCS
Fork Weight 340g
Fork Crown Race Integrated כן
Front Wheel Max Size up to 110mm
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