CHOKE SKATEBOARDS Big Jim 28*7.5 green

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    The Big Jim is the big brother of the Juicy Susi boards. Its basically a bigger version of Juicy Susi except it is longer and wider which make it slightly easier to cruise. There are some added extras like a flat front, raised heel tip, reinforced bottom and anti slip surface. The cushios have a hardness of 97A which make the corners much easier to steer. The 80's are back with this blast from the past board!

    Deck: size: 28 inch x 7,5 inch
    PP composite

    Truck: 4 inch original Alumiunium casted Juicy trucks with Jelly interlock cushions

    Wheels: 60x45mm, Juicy 78A more durable super high rebound wheels

    Bearings: Wicked ABEC 5 bearings

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    חומר המשטחVinyl
    אורך הדק (באינץ)28
    רוחב קרש (באינץ)7.5
    קוטר הגלגל (מ''מ)60
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