Choke Skateboards Shady Lady Juicy Susi 22.5x6 Black

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The Shady Lady Cruiser Board from Choke is your compact companien to go - or rather roll. A slight detour to the supermarket or some city cruising with your friends - this board is ideally suited.

Its short slender deck is made from a vinyl composite and makes it particularly versatile and the kicktail let's you perform some cool tricks.

For a comfy transport when you're not rolling it comes with an original Juicy Susi bag from Choke.

Deck: size: 22,5 inch x 6 inch
PP composite

Truck: 3,5 inch Alumiunium casted Susi trucks

Wheels: 58x39 mm, Susi 80A High Rebound Wheels

Bearings: ABEC 5 bearings

מידע נוסף
מותג CHOKE
סוג סקייטבורד קרוזרים
חומר הקרש Vinyl
אורך הקרש (באינץ) 22.5
רוחב קרש (באינץ) 6
קוטר הגלגל (מ''מ) 60
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