CHOKE SKATEBOARDS Spicy Sabrina 23.6*7 Clear Red

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    סקירה כללית

    The Choke Spicy Sabrina is a new and unique board compared with standard vinyl skateboards.
    First of all, its unique deck design and shape, which comes in size of 23,7”x7,1” makes a big difference when cruising the streets.
    The deck features a double concave shape and grippy surface for a better stand and more control.
    It´s an exciting day-to-day cruiser, easy to handle for both beginner and experienced boarders.
    The Spicy Sabrina features the strong and solid 45-degree 160mm “Brechstange” truck from STANDARD, super-fast and durable offset UTUBA 60mmx45mm PU-wheels made in USA and Wicked ABEC 7 freespin bearings.

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    Deck size: 23,7 inch x 7,1 inch
    Clear PC material with double concave
    Truck: Standard Brechstange 160mm with interlock cushions SHR
    Wheels: Utuba 60x45mm MDSHR 78A wheels
    Bearings: Wicked ABEC 7 bearings

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    חומר המשטחVinyl
    אורך הדק (באינץ)24
    רוחב קרש (באינץ)7
    קוטר הגלגל (מ''מ)60
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