Crash Pads 2500 Padded Shorts With Tailbone Shield

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Pro-Short with Tail Shield #2500 is one of our best selling styles and has lots of cross over appeal for different sports.

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Pro-Short with Tail Shield is ofter used with the following sports and activities:

Snow: Snowboarding, Ski, Racing, Boarder cross, Big Mountain and Park
Skate: Inline, Derby, Skateboarding, Hockey, Street, Mountain Board
Bike: Downhill, Track, BMX, and Mountain Biking
Motor Sports: Motocross and ATV
Court Sports: Volleyball and Basketball
Field Sports: soccer, LaCross and Football
Other Sports: Paintball, Martial Arts
Non-Sports Activities: Combat, Stunt Work, Medieval Dueling, Military, Security and
Performance costuming

Non-Restrictive design with plastic and foam tail shield for max tailbone protection
Abrasion/impact padding with outerwear or underwear durability
1/2 inch thermal formed bonded high density low profile padding
Technical moisture management fabric
Covers side hip, hip pointers, tailbone with plastic insert and sits bones

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