GLOBE 26 Blazer Coconut/Black Cruiser Complete

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The natural coconut fibers found on these boards allow us to use less maple wood for an eco-friendly deck that leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

Coconuts are readily available, the husk requires minimal processing and they come from self-sustaining crops.

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The Blazer cruiser board in color Coconut/Black is a mini wooden diamond-tail cruiser with soft conical wheels.

It is available in size 26''x7.25''x13.75'' WB.

It features a coconut and maple base with a mellow concave with kick tail.

This Globe cruiser has 4.25" Tensor Alloy trucks

and 62mm 78a wheels.

The top deck is a Clear broadcast grip

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זמינות במלאיבמלאי
חומר המשטחHard Rock Canadian Maple
אורך הקרש (באינץ)26
רוחב קרש (באינץ)7.25
בסיס גלגלים (אינץ)13.75
קוטר הגלגל (מ''מ)62
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