Paris Street Trucks 149mm Raw

סקירה כללית

The Paris Street Trucks are made to skate and will take your street, hybrid, or mini-cruiser skateboards to new levels.

These trucks are ideal for any board including the smallest mini-cruisers to the largest double kick boards alike.

With a taller profile than standard conventional trucks, you will have more clearance and less wheelbite. 

  •  קניה מאובטחת
  •  מחיר משתלם
  •  משלוח מהיר

You should ride 149mm Paris Street Trucks if…
– You ride a board  8” to 9” wide.
– You want that sweet Paris goodness, on the street

  • 356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded
  • Secondary heat treatment for added strength & durability
  • Tall – 57.15 mm axle height for added wheel clearance
  • Paris 93a urethane bushings
  • Grade 8 steel axles and branded kingpins
  • Faced Hangers
  • 6-hole baseplate
מידע נוסף
סוג סקייטבורד רמפות/פעלולים, קרוזרים
מותג PARIS
רוחב הציר 5.9
תאימות לרוחב קרש 8.75-9.25
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