Raptor SCS V2 Clamp Oilslick

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    Welcome the all new Raptor XTR SCS V2! Being slightly lighter and stronger than the V1 the XTR SCS clamps is the perfect choice for someone building a new custom scooter, or even just looking to upgrade their current set up!

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    Compatability: Standard bars ONLY w/ no slit
    Height: 89mm
    Height Addition: 48mm
    Material: Aluminum
    Bolts: 6mm bolts

    Weight : 227g

    מידע נוסף
    חומר החבקAluminium
    מערכות דחיסה נתמכות בחבקSCS
    מידת המפתח לחבק6mm
    ברגים בחבק4
    משקל החבק227g
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