CLOUD RIDE Slide 70MMX38mm 86A WHEELS set of 4

סקירה כללית

Cloud Ride! SLIDE wheels were developed to progress the level of freestyle sliding.

This is accomplished by giving the rider traction when desired and predictable releases with controlled slides.

The offset wheel design allows the wheel to seamlessly hook back up and track whenever the rider desires.

The deep 45 degree chamfers allow the wheels to drift over cracks, debris, and whatever else your slide trajectory takes you over.

Pre-ground finish means these wheels slide right out of the box.

From your first slide to your last slide these wheels deliver a smooth, predictable slide and leave a ton of thane behind, ensuring anyone that sees the lines that you are a boss.



מוצר זה נמכר בתור חבילה המכילה 4 גלגלים

  •  קניה מאובטחת
  •  מחיר משתלם
  •  משלוח מהיר

Durometer 86 A
Urethane Formula Classic
Wheel Width 55 Millimeters
Wheel Height 70 Millimeters
Contact Patch 45 Millimeters
Wheel Surface Texture Stone Ground

מידע נוסף
כמות 4
סוג סקייטבורד מדמה גלישה, לונגבורד, קרוזרים
קוטר הגלגל (מ''מ) 70
קשיחות 86A
נקודת מגע (מ''מ) 38
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